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Quranic +‎ -ally


Quranically (comparative more Quranically, superlative most Quranically)

  1. In terms of, or in the context of, the Qur'an.
    • 1982, John L. Esposito, Women in Muslim Family Law, page 5:
      The Quran modified this system by introducing the golden rule of inheritance, the primacy of distribution of certain fixed shares to several categories of Quranically designated heirs comprised mainly of the nearest female relatives []
    • 1983, William Fowler, Potentials of Childhood:
      In his study of memory skills in Moroccan children, Wagner (1978) found no differences between unschooled and Quranically schooled children on most tasks.
    • 2011, John L. Esposito, What everyone needs to know about Islam, page 160:
      [] some scholars argue that these modern gains have not gone far enough in securing women's Quranically ordained rights.