Rhyme in Malay edit

  • A word counts as a rhyme if the last syllable of that word is pronounced identically, following "Sebutan Baku" or pronunciation of "Bahasa Pasar".
  • The onset of the final syllable can be ignored as they are often not considered in the Pantun poetic form.
    • Example: makan, ikan and badan are rhymes as they end with same /-an/, even though badan has an onset /d/ in last syllable.
  • Since stress and accents are suprasegmental features in Malay, they are not considered when determining a word's rhyme.

Rhyme Table edit

Monophthong Rhymes Table
Coda /a/ /i/ /u/ /ə/ /e/ /o/
/∅/ -a -i -u -e -o
/p/ -ap -ip -up -əp -ep -op
/b/ -ab -ib -ub -əb -eb -ob
/t/ -at -it -ut -ət -et -ot
/d/ -ad -id -ud -əd -od
/t͡ʃ/ -at͡ʃ
/d͡ʒ/ -ad͡ʒ -ud͡ʒ
/k/ -ak -ik -uk -ək -ek -ok
/m/ -am -im -um -əm -em -om
/n/ -an -in -un -ən -en -on
/ŋ/ -aŋ -iŋ -uŋ -əŋ -eŋ -oŋ
/r/ -ar -ir -ur -ər -er -or
/l/ -al -il -ul -əl -el -ol
/s/ -as -is -us -əs -es -os
/f/ -af -if -uf -əf -ef -of
/h/ -ah -ih -uh -əh -eh -oh
Diphthong Rhymes Table
Coda /i/ /u/
/a/ -ai̯ -au̯
/o/ -oi̯