Santa Ana wind


Alternative formsEdit


From Santa Ana, formerly a Spanish settlement in southern California + wind. But see also Santana wind.


Santa Ana wind (plural Santa Ana winds)

  1. A foehn occurring during certain weather conditions in the Los Angeles area.
    • 1968, A splintered tree stump on Euclid Avenue in Upland illustrates the effects of a Santa Ana wind in 1953—the worst ever to hit the area. — Automobile Club of Southern California, Westways (special issue), page 7:
      2004, Coincidentally, Santa Barbara's modern record temperature of 115° also occurred on June 17, in 1917, and under the influence of a Santa Ana wind. — Christopher C Burt, Extreme Weather: A Guide and Record Book →ISBN p. 254
    • 2001, This essay about the Santa Ana wind of southern California does more than leave us with an image, it creates deep within us a mood. — Theodore A. Rees Cheney, Writing Creative Nonfiction: Fiction Techniques for Crafting Great Nonfiction →ISBN p. 27