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Proper nounEdit

Serbii (genitive Serbijan, partitive Serbijad)

  1. Serbia


Inflection of Serbii
nominative sing. Serbii
genitive sing. Serbijan
partitive sing. Serbijad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Serbii
accusative Serbijan
genitive Serbijan
partitive Serbijad
essive-instructive Serbijan
translative Serbijaks
inessive Serbijas
elative Serbijaspäi
illative ?
adessive Serbijal
ablative Serbijalpäi
allative Serbijale
abessive Serbijata
comitative Serbijanke
prolative Serbijadme
approximative I Serbijanno
approximative II Serbijannoks
egressive Serbijannopäi
terminative I ?
terminative II Serbijalesai
terminative III Serbijassai
additive I ?
additive II Serbijalepäi