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An aureus with on the obverse the profile of Sextus Pompeius "Magnus Pius" and profiles of his murdered father and brother on the reverse.


From sextus, probably originally referring to the month of birth, sextīlis (August), rather than its order.[1]

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Proper nounEdit

Sextus m (genitive Sextī); second declension

  1. A masculine praenomen, particularly popular in Gaul. In particular:
    1. Sextus Pompeius (a Roman general from the late Republic)
      • 106 BCE – 43 BCE, Cicero, Epistuale ad Atticum
        Sextum autem nūntiant cum ūnā sōlum legiōne fuisse ad Carthāginem
        The messengers further report that Sextus had been at Carthage with only one legion


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Sextus Sextī
Genitive Sextī Sextōrum
Dative Sextō Sextīs
Accusative Sextum Sextōs
Ablative Sextō Sextīs
Vocative Sexte Sextī


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