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TET (plural TETs)

  1. (computing, initialism) Transparency-enhancing tool.
    • 2012, John R. Vacca, Computer and Information Security Handbook, →ISBN, page 767:
      TETs of the first and last categories are also called ex-ante TETs, as they provide transparency of any intended data processing to the data subjects before they are releasing any personal data.
    • 2014, Johannes Buchmann, Internet Privacy: Options for adequate realisation, →ISBN, page 75:
      There are two classes of TETs that can be leveraged to identify, assess, and mitigate risks related to the lack of awareness on OSNs: user-side tools and provider-side tools.
    • 2015, Sanjay Goel, ‎Yuan Hong, ‎& Vagelis Papakonstantinou, Smart Grid Security, →ISBN, page 111:
      If we define transparency as insight in how user's data is being collected, stored, processed and disclosed, TETs can then be viewed as tools providing this insight in an accurate and comprehensible way.
  2. (medicine, initialism) Thymic epithelial tumor.
    • 2012, Premkumar Christadoss, Myasthenia Gravis: Disease Mechanism and Immunointervention, →ISBN:
      TETs were classified according to Müller-Hermelink and co-workers [15, 19].
    • 2012, Q. Ashton Acton, Antimetabolites: Advances in Research and Application, →ISBN:
      We conducted a multicenter study to determine the activity and tolerability of this regimen in pretreated TETs.
    • 2016, Sukhmani K. Padda, Bryan M. Burt, & Heather A. Wakelee, “Management of Thymic Tumors”, in Handbook of Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Malignancies, →ISBN, page 307:
      Because of the role of the thymus in the immune system, TETs (thymomas more so than thymic carcinomas) are associated with autoimmune paraneoplastic syndromes, and a higher risk of second malignancies.
  3. (physics, initialism) Targeted energy transfer.
    • 2008, Alexander F. Vakakis, ‎Oleg V. Gendelman, ‎& Lawrence A. Bergman, Nonlinear Targeted Energy Transfer in Mechanical and Structural Systems, →ISBN:
      Moreover, we demonstrate that SMRs are related to relaxation oscillations of the corresponding averaged dynamical flows (the slow flows of the dynamics), and in fact, one can regard SMRs as a form of repetitive TETs under the action of persistent periodic forcing.
    • 2008 June, F Nucera, FL Iacono, DM McFarland, LA Bergman & AF Vakakis, “Application of broadband nonlinear targeted energy transfers for seismic mitigation of a shear frame: Experimental results”, in Journal of Sound and Vibration, volume 313, number 1-2:
      In an earlier work we showed computationally that it is possible to successfully employ nonlinear targeted energy transfers (TETs) for seismic mitigation.
    • 2009 September, YS Lee, F Nucera, AF Vakakis, DM McFarland & LA Bergman, “Periodic orbits, damped transitions and targeted energy transfers in oscillators with vibro-impact attachments”, in Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, volume 238, number 18:
      We study complex damped and undamped dynamics and targeted energy transfers (TETs) in systems of coupled oscillators, consisting of single-degree-of-freedom pri.