Tai Tham



A compromise arrived at in 2007 between 'Lanna', 'Old Tai Lue' and 'Tham' as the designation of the script. A reformed version of the script had already been given the name 'New Tai Lue'.[1]


Proper nounEdit

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Tai Tham

  1. A fake ethnonym (cf. Tai Le, Tai Lü, Tai Yong, Tai Yuan, Tai Dam, Tai Song) used to designate the script of Mon origin that was associated with the former territory of Lanna, now largely included in Thailand.


  1. ^ Ad hoc report on Lanna[1], 2007-09-19, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2/N3346:
    Since Meeting #50, feedback of significant discontent have been heard from the user community in China concerning the name Lanna. According to Chinese Dai experts, the name Lanna denotes the region which is part of Thailand. This does not represent the user community in China. It is therefore inappropriate to call the script Lanna. After several rounds of discussion, we proposed to call the script TAI THAM.