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Neo- is a prefix, derived from Greek that connotes a "new" or recent form of something, or a revival in a modern form.

Neo- appears in its simplest sense of "new" in words such as the following:

In distinguishing between forms that are sections of a continuum, neo- is simply contrasted with palaeo-, thus:

In the history of ideas, "neo-" connotes a conscious revival of a lapsed original, invariably with new characteristics or new emphases, which distinguish the idea or movement from its original. It is understood as an intrinsic element of the reformulation, that an identity or continuity with the older form that is being revived is asserted as an essential part of the new one:

In contemporary culture, neo- may simply lay claim to novelty:

  • Neopets
  • NeoMail
  • Neosapiens, derived from "neo" and "sapiens"
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