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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • pate (English): net.cooks - 4 Feb 1982 by watmath
    I had it following a meal consisting of: Hors d'oeuvres of pate a l'ancienne garni Green goddess salad and Cassoulet de Midi All served with some nice dry Chablis.
  • pates (English): net.cooks - 23 Feb 1984 by Greg Paley
    Where it is really unique is in being able to whip out things with a mousse texture, such as quenelles, and making terrines and pates.
  • pâté (English in list context in German post): - 23 May 1993 by Markus Eggers
    pâté - Pastete
  • paté (English, noun phrase only): - 2 Jun 1993 by Ross Smith
    Rimmer: 72 tons of reconstituted sausage paté.
  • paté (English): alt.atheism - 18 Nov 1993 by Nick Collision
    Pass the locusts, will you? Got any more of that fetus paté?
  • Pâté (German context): - 23 Feb 1994 by Chris Blum
    Wer (meiner Meinung nach) etwas sadistisch veranlagt ist, mag "Pâté de Merle" probieren.
  • pâte (French, quoted): soc.culture.french - 23 Mar 1994 by Basque Guy
    Je pourrais donner d'autres exemples, comme la différence de prononciation entre les mots "pâte" et "patte", entre "fête" et "faite".
  • pâtes (French): fr.rec.cuisine - 2 May 1994 by Dominique Archambault
    ce qu'il faut : - des pâtes pour 4 (je n'ai jamais pesé) si possible fraiches, c'est tellement meilleur !
  • pâte (French): fr.rec.cuisine - before 9 May 1994 by pg
    Je trouve que la levure de boulanger donne un goût particulier qui convient à la pâte briochée mais pas à la pâte à pain.
  • pate, pâte, and pâté together: soc.culture.belgium - 20 May 1994 by Michel Moreaux
    When I write "pate" without accents how could you make the difference between "pâte" (= pasta), and "pâté" (= pâté -- even in the Robert and Collins dictionnary the accents are used for the word pâté in english).
  • Pâté (English): - 30 Aug 1994 by Justin Murdock
    I remember when I "flew" the UK Concord simulator, I was in a fair old state by the time we touched down, I was in no doubt that if I failed to land it safely, there would be Justin Pâté all over the tarmac.
  • Pâtés (English): dc.dining - 10 Nov 1995 by Edward C Munz
    An Elaborate Display of Pâtés and Terrines, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Roast Beef Tenderloin and Shrimp and Crab Claw Cocktail
  • patés (French): fr.rec.cuisine - 11 Dec 1995 by Noelle Adam
    A ce propos, si quelqu'un connait un vraiment bon bouquin (testé !) sur les terrines et patés...
  • Patés (Spanish, unknown meaning): es.misc - 11 May 1996 by KDJ The Net Surfer
    Patés la Piara.
  • patés (English): rec.arts.prose - 7 Jul 1996 by Vince Johnson
    One Frenchman in particular, Jean Combettes, was so willing to teach that he turned his notebooks over to me and revealed to me the mysteries of sautés, sauces, consommés and patés.
  • pâte (French within English): - 24 Aug 1996 by Mathieu
    The crust is made with a shortbread sort of pastry (pâte à foncer)
  • pâte (English): - before 12 Dec 1996 by Robert Buxbaum
    ... liver pâte disgusting? Pierre Franey would slap you ass into the floor for such a suggestion.
  • pâtes: - 16 Sep 1999 by Gary Allen
    For this reason they often appear in pâtes.

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