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Nothing about the abbreviation?

Versus versus Adversus and Synonyms versus AbbreviationsEdit

I'm not 100 % sure, but isn't “versus” Latin for “towards” or “forward” and “adversus” origin and Latin for “against” or “turned”?

Also shouldn't vs, vs., v, v. be abbreviations rather than synonyms. I'm not sure, maybe some versions of the English does not use this rule but, shouldn't vs. be excluded from the list since versus does not start with “vs” and a dot in the end means the word starts with the abbreviations? While “v:s” should be added since “versus” starts with a “v” and ends with a “s”. —This comment was unsigned.

"adversus" is "ad-" + "versus" in Latin.
For an entry that has both full word and abbreviated synonyms, we would have two headers and two lists. That "vs" is an abbreviation is self-evident and is in any event made explicit at its entry, so we dispense with a separate heading for abbreviations.
I am not familiar with the rule about the selective use of periods for only certain types of abbreviations. DCDuring TALK 02:04, 27 December 2010 (UTC)
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