c. 875, Comrac Líadaine ocus Cuirithir, published in Liadain and Curithir: an Irish love-story of the ninth century (1902, London: Nutt), edited and with translations by Kuno Meyer



This template is for quoting from Comrac Líadaine ocus Cuirithir, a ninth-century tale surviving in two 15th-to-16th century manuscripts. The long transmission history is rather obvious given a few post-Old Irish corruptions appearing, such as cía a hainm instead of cid a ainm for "what's her name?" (showing not only cía being used with a neuter, but with also using the letter h to spell /h/) among others.

It takes two parameters, used to indicate the location of a quote in Kuno Meyer's 1902 edition. The line numbers in the edition reset with each page, requiring both the page and line numbers for precise reference.


Indicates the page number in Kuno Meyer's edition.
Indicates the line number on a page where the quote is.