This template takes the same parameters as {{IPA}}. It takes X-SAMPA as input rather than IPA, and must always be substituted. It converts the X-SAMPA into IPA and transforms into {{IPA}} when the page is saved. The way in which Module:IPA/templates does this is inelegant, but it makes things very convenient.

X-SAMPA is an easier way to type IPA using ASCII characters, if you are willing to learn it. See the X-SAMPA reference tables on Wikipedia.

The backend of this template is the X2IPAtemplate function in Module:IPA/templates and the XSAMPA_to_IPA function in Module:IPA.


For instance, entering the following code –

* {{subst:x2IPA|en|2=[Eg"zA:mp5=]}}

– results in the following code when the page is saved –

* {{IPA|en|[ɛɡˈzɑːmpɫ̩]}}

– which displays as –

Multiple transcriptions are supported:

* {{subst:x2ipa|en|/wAt@`/|[wA4@`]|qual2=alveolar flapping}}

* {{IPA|en|/wɑtɚ/|[wɑɾɚ]|qual2=alveolar flapping}}

  • IPA(key): /wɑtɚ/, (alveolar flapping) [wɑɾɚ]

For a template that simply converts from X-SAMPA to IPA, see {{x2i}}.