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A user has marked this {{pagetype}} for imminent deletion.
If you think it should be kept, or at least discussed, then please edit this page, replace this template with {{rfd}} or {{rfv}} (as appropriate), and add a section to Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others or Wiktionary:Requests for verification explaining why.


This template is intended to notify a sysop that there is junk that very obviously should be removed; it does so by adding the entry to Category:Candidates for speedy deletion, which is periodically checked by various sysops. If there is any possibility that the entry should maybe be retained for any reason whatsoever, then use {{rfd}} instead. If you think it is nonsense, but there might be someone who thinks it is a genuine contribution, you are much better off using {{rfd}}.

Do not blank the page before adding this template. When you add it to a page, click on the "What links here" tool to correct any incoming links.

It is generally better to improve a poorly formatted or defined entry than to delete it. If you are unsure what the definition should look like but you are sure it is a valid word, you can replace the incorrect definition with {{rfdef}}.

If you are certain that an entry does not meet our criteria for inclusion, you can use this {{delete|}} template to flag the entry.

Please always add parameter one after the vertical bar "|".

Some examples

  • {{delete|misspelling of [[x]]}}
  • {{delete|nonsense}}
  • {{delete|encyclopedic}}
  • {{delete|personal attack}}

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