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A user has added this {{pagetype}} to requests for verification(+)
If it cannot be verified that this term meets our attestation criteria, it will be deleted. Feel free to edit this {{pagetype}} as normal, but do not remove {{rfv}} until the request has been resolved.

This template is used to submit an entry to the verification process, when there is doubt whether it qualifies according to the criteria for inclusion.


To use this template:

  1. Add {{rfv|xx|optional reason here}} to an entry. The language code is required to ensure that it goes to the correct subpage of RFV.
  2. Start a new discussion on Wiktionary:Requests for verification, using the (+).

If the RFV could do with attention from someone versed in a particular field, add the parameter topic=[topic]; this will add the page (automatically) to Category:Entries needing topical attention and (eventually, manually) to the list at Wiktionary:Entries needing topical attention.

Please see the opening section of Wiktionary:Requests for verification before using this template in an entry and listing the entry there.

See also

More specific templates exist:

For reference (not verification) requests, please use this instead: