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Declension-table template for most Hebrew nouns of the forms פֶּתֶק,‎ פֶּתַח,‎ and שַׁחַר. Some such nouns, though, are declined differently, and this template should not be used; notable among these is אֶרֶץ (whose plurals are in the feminine form), and another is רֶגֶל (whose plural possessives are usually of the form רַגְל־‎ rather than רְגָל־‎).


The template takes five mandatory, unnamed parameters: the first three are is the three letters of the lemma, in order, and the fourth is the vowel that appears under the first letter of the lemma: e for a segol and a for a patach. The fifth unnamed parameter is the vowel that appears under the under the first letter of the singular possessive forms: e for segol, i for chirik, and a for patach. The sixth unnamed parameter, optional, is the word dual if the word takes a dual instead of a plural.

A shin or sin should be entered, when appropriate, with its dot; but no dagesh should be entered with any letter.

The template attempts to be user-friendly in that it allows the third parameter to be entered as צ or ץ (for example).


{{he-decl-noun-segolate|ע|ב|ד|e|a}} yields

{{he-decl-noun-segolate|צ|מ|ח|e|i}} yields

{{he-decl-noun-segolate|נ|ע|ל|a|a|dual}} yields

{{he-decl-noun-segolate|ס|ע|ד|a|a}} yields

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