Template:la-praenominal abbreviation of

Praenominal abbreviation of term.

This template creates a definition line for praenominal abbreviations of primary entries in Latin. It also categorizes the page into Category:Latin praenominal abbreviations and Category:Latin abbreviations.

By default, this template displays its output as a full sentence, with an initial capital letter and a trailing period (full stop). This can be overridden using |nocap=1 and/or |nodot=1 (see below).

This template is not meant to be used in etymology sections.

Note that users can customize how the output of this template displays by modifying their monobook.css files. See “Form of” templates for details.


Use in the definition line, most commonly as follows:

# {{la-praenominal abbreviation of|<primary entry goes here>}}


Positional (unnamed) parameters:

|1= (required)
The term to link to (which this page is a praenominal abbreviation of). This should include any needed diacritics as appropriate to Latin. These diacritics will automatically be stripped out in the appropriate fashion in order to create the link to the page.
|2= (optional)
The text to be shown in the link to the term. If empty or omitted, the term specified by the first parameter will be used. This parameter is normally not necessary, and should not be used solely to indicate diacritics; instead, put the diacritics in the first parameter.

Named parameters:

|t= or |3= (optional)
A gloss or short translation of the term linked to. The parameter |gloss= is a deprecated synonym; please do not use.
|tr= (optional)
Transliteration for non-Latin-script terms, if different from the automatically-generated one.
|ts= (optional)
Transcription for non-Latin-script terms whose transliteration is markedly different from the actual pronunciation. Should not be used for IPA pronunciations.
|sc= (optional)
Script code to use, if script detection does not work. See Wiktionary:Scripts.
|dot= (optional)
A character to replace the final dot that is normally shown automatically.
|nodot= (optional)
If |nodot=1, then no automatic dot will be shown.
|nocap= (optional)
If |nocap=1, then the first letter will be in lowercase.
|id= (optional)
A sense id for the term, which links to anchors on the page set by the {{senseid}} template.