Template:orthographic borrowing

Orthographic borrowing from translingual term

This template is used to format the etymology of orthographic borrowings. Please only use it under the heading Etymology.

This template adds a category like Category:Chinese orthographic borrowings from Japanese, under the categories added by {{borrowed}}. Category pages for this template are created by {{auto cat}}.

When to use

This template is intended specifically for loans from language A into language B, which are loaned only in its script form and not pronunciation and often become new words which are phonetically quite dissimilar. Examples include:

Recipient language Recipient word Donor language Donor word
Chinese 取消 (qǔxiāo, “to cancel”) Japanese ()() (torikesu, to cancel)
Korean 할인 (割引, harin, “discount”) Japanese (わり)(びき) (waribiki, discount)
Korean 엽서 (葉書, yeopseo, “postcard”) Japanese ()(がき) (hagaki, postcard)
Vietnamese Nga La Tư (俄羅斯, “Russia”) Chinese 俄羅斯俄罗斯 (Éluósī, “Russia”)


Same as {{borrowed}}, with an extra |nocap=1 parameter if the leading "O" should be "o" and an extra |notext=1 parameter to suppress the initial text entirely.


{{obor|zh|ja|-}} {{ja-r|取り消す|とりけす|to cancel}} (in the entry for the Chinese word 取消 (qǔxiāo)) produces

Orthographic borrowing from Japanese ()() (torikesu, to cancel)

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