Template:unadapted borrowing

Unadapted borrowing from translingual term

This template is used to format the etymology of unadapted borrowings. Please only use it under the header 'Etymology'.

This template adds a category like Category:English unadapted borrowings from Latin, in addition to the categories added by {{borrowed}}. Category pages for this template are created by {{auto cat}}.

When to use

This template is intended for loanwords that have not been conformed to the morpho-syntactic, phonological and/or phonotactical rules of the target language. For example, English cubiculum is an unadapted borrowing from Latin cubiculum, while English cubicle is a standard borrowing from the same Latin word.


Same as {{borrowed}}, with an extra |nocap=1 parameter if the leading "U" should be "u" and an extra |notext=1 parameter to suppress the initial text entirely.


{{ubor|fr|la|cubitus||elbow, cubit}} (in the entry for the French word cubitus) produces

Unadapted borrowing from Latin cubitus (elbow, cubit)

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