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Optional italicsEdit

Could this be fitted with an optional "i" parameter so that italics could be specified for the taxonomic names that are supposed to appear in italics? The kinds of names are all virus names and all taxonomic names at the rank of genus and below. Special (manual for now) provision needs to be made for names that include "subsp.", "var.", "morph"/"morpha", "subg.", and similar.

The same need applies to {{specieslite}}, {{pedia}}/{{pedialite}}, {{commonslite}}, {{wikispecies}}, {{wikipedia}}, {{commons}}, and {{commonscat}}.

I could try to do this myself, but my template foo is weak, the template architecture is more complicated than I understand, and the templates are widely transcluded. I am doing this for various "reference" templates used for taxon names, which are both simpler in architecture and less widely transcluded. DCDuring TALK 17:56, 27 January 2015 (UTC)

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