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We encountered a problem in the german wiktionary. It seems to be related to the new mediawiki softwareversion installed tonight. The problem is, that if you enter a non existing pagename in a rhyme page using your rhymeeditor this pagename is created as an empty page. I just tested if this also happens in the english wiktionary, because we ported the rhymeeditor from here. I found you have the same problems. It might be a change in the api, so that the rhymeeditor has to be fixed. But i didnt figured this out yet.

Formatierer (talk)13:09, 13 August 2014

I fixed this in the german wiktionary by inserting some code to test if a page exists.

... JsMwApi().page(values.rhyme).edit(
 function(text, saveFunction, editRes){
  if(editRes.query.pages.hasOwnProperty("-1")) { --numberOfRhymesAdded ? 'wait' : '';
 var langcode = setUpRhymeAdder.langCode || (new LangMetadata()).cleanLangCode(langname), ...
--Formatierer (talk) 17:29, 13 August 2014 (UTC)
Formatierer (talk)17:29, 13 August 2014

Should be fixed now, but I haven't tested it. Thank you for pointing out the bug.

Yair rand (talk)21:59, 14 August 2014

Just for your interest: this change brought the bug into effect.

Formatierer (talk)08:56, 15 August 2014