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Alternative formsEdit


Twitter +‎ -able


Twitterable (comparative more Twitterable, superlative most Twitterable)

  1. Able to be tweeted; capable of being communicated or reached through the Twitter microblogging service.
    • 2009, Cheryl Wetzstein, "U.S. narcissism out of control", The Washington Times, 17 May 2009:
      They are the camera-ready men and women who have the most fabulous lives, the most Twitterable thoughts, the most outrageous never-ending personal dramas.
    • 2010, Jemima Kiss, "The Queen joins Flickr", The Guardian, 26 July 2010:
      The royal family's digital excursions have already included a YouTube channel, though it is unlikely she'd be emailable, web chattable or Twitterable any time soon.
    • 2011, LZ Granderson, "Sarah Palin proves she's no fool", CNN, 6 October 2011:
      Palin represented a brand of conservative politics that was Twitterable and has since been instrumental in the rise of the tea party.
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