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UFO religion (plural UFO religions)

  1. a religion in which extraterrestrials figure prominently.
    Raelians follow a UFO religion.
    • 2003, Christopher Hugh Partridge, UFO religions, Routledge, page 10:
      More particularly, and important for understanding much UFO religions, is Blavatsky's belief that certain masters dwelt on Venus.
    • 2004, Susan J. Palmer, Aliens adored: Raël's UFO religion, Rutgers University Press, page 3:
      UFO religions are even stranger than science fiction.
    • 2006, Christopher Hugh Partridge, The re-enchantment of the West: alternative spiritualities, sacralization, popular culture, and occulture, Continuum International Publishing Group, page 167:
      UFO religions drink deeply from the waters of occulture, while, at the same time, seeking to reconcile their ideas with a contemporary secular and scientific worldview.

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