UFO religionist



UFO religion +‎ -ist.


UFO religionist (plural UFO religionists)

  1. An adherent of a UFO religion.
    • 2003, Christopher Partridge, UFO Religions, Routledge, link
      [] , von Däniken is not a UFO religionist []
    • 2006, Christopher Hugh Partridge, Understanding the Dark Side, University of Chester, page 48:
      UFO religionists, contactees and abductees quite naturally turn to myths []
    • 2006, Kenneth G.C. Newport; Crawford Gribben, Expecting the End: Millennialism in Social And Historical Context, Baylor University Press, page 52:
      [] , particularly from the book of Revelation, but also, as with other UFO religionists, []
    • 2008, Walter Martin; Jill Martin Rische; Kevin Rische, The Kingdom of the Occult, Thomas Nelson, page 360:
      [] , a description that unfortunately fits UFO religionists all too well.
    • 2012, Ronald Story, The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, Constable & Robinson Ltd, link:
      [] a large percentage of UFO religionists have a background in spiritualism []