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Swedish edit

Garden hydrangeas for 160:- from a Swedish flower stall.

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From early finance sheets where the colon (:) came pre-printed. A dash (–) was added to the right side of the colon as shorthand for 00 öre.

Symbol edit


  1. (colloquial) kronor or other currency
    Synonym: kr
    Äpplen 5:-
    Apples 5 kronor

Noun edit

:- c pl

  1. kronor, or other currency
    Synonym: kronor, kr
    • 1938–1939, Wilhelm Berg, Göteborgs-släkter 2 P–S[1], page 341:
      [] bestående af en stuga, kök och en liten källare under köket samt vind, inköpt 26/7 1729 for 130 daler men derefter reparerad och värd for 180:-.
      [] consisting of a cabin, kitchen and a small cellar under the kitchen plus attic, purchased 26/7 1729 for 130 dalers but then repaired and worth 180 daler.

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