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Hello! I am the embodiment of imagination on the English Wiktionary. I love to write, so occasionally I'll go on writing sprees on Wikibooks. However, Wikibooks is empty with contributors, so I lose interest soon enough with Wikibooks and return here. I love to enslave people to type the cyrillics to my name. Latin does it to Russian, so I fight to retaliate to Latin. As such, I hate using or seeing Russian terms from Latin. I'm a Moscovian, not a Roman.


I've decided to move away from the Babelbox, and make my own 10/10 classification system.

Ten: Feel free to converse to me using whatever advanced vocabulary you can in my 10s. I'll assure you that i'll give perfect grammatical replies. I'm going to try and improve my Russian to 10. I've got good grammar, but not good choice of word.

  • English

Δевять: I'm able to speak fluently and get my point across almost precisely. Feel free to converse to me in the 9s, but put some links on the really advanced words and phrases.

  • Russian
  • Scots

Βосем: I'm able to speak fluently, but get my point across, albeit with some errors from me thinking it was the same in Russian when it was different in the other language. Feel free to message me in them, but link the advanced words and phrases and the words that might look the same in Russian, but are not.

  • Belarussian
  • Ukranian

Sju: I understand the grammar to these languages perfect. I'm able to write very well in these languages with a dictionary at hand, so I'm told. Feel free to message me, but with all vocabulary exceeding 500 most frequently used words, give a link that is not a true friend to the languages above link it.

  • Danish
  • Swedish

Sis E Duimo: I understand most of the grammar, but there are a few things that bother me with the grammar. I often exclude grammatical syntaxes when I write in these languages. Feel free to message me, but link the vocabulary that aren't from Romance languages.

  • Ido

Six: I understand more than half of the grammar. Message me, by all means, but put links on the words that a six-year old speaker would not know.

  • Esperanto
  • French

Πет: I understand some of what they say; they understand less of what I say. If it is important, don't message me in these languages. If you do decide to message me, you might as well put links on all the words except the Russian true friends and the 10 most frequently used words.

  • Bulgarian

Четыре: I understand little grammar, but the vocabulary some of the time gets the gist across. Don't message me in this language if it's important though; and when you do message me, put links to the grammar and all the words with letters not in Russian, Belarusian, or Ukranian. I probably won't message you back in the same language if you choose one from this category.

  • Church Slavonic

Tři: I understand a little grammar, and a few words. Usually tone of voice along with the few words I understand gets the gist across. Message me if the message contains only the 5000 most used words of the language, and put links on all except the ones that are true friends with Russian, Belarusian, or Ukrainian.

  • Czech
  • Slovak

Dos: I understand very basic grammar and phrases. I can also gues of the vocabulary, since they are cousins to French, or Danish/English/Swedish. Feel free to message me with trivial matters and link the words that are not related to my aforementioned languages.

  • German
  • Spanish

: I practised this for a brief amount of time, but then gave up as I wasn't enjoying it. Maybe I'll start practising again. Until then, don't message me at all in these languages.

  • Chinese: Mandarin
  • Japanese

Holiday list: I'm going to try and learn the basics of these languages by 2014.

  • Chinese: Dungan
  • Chinese: Wu
  • Italian
  • Turkish


Reverse system as above.


  • Roman


  • Cyrillic


  • Hellenic


  • IPA


  • Katakana


  • Hiragana


  • Traditional Mongolian


  • Armenian


  • Hangeul