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Parents named me William Wesley Groleau, after my great-grandfather William Waack and John Wesley.  But for reasons unknown, they always used my middle name, so eventually I became W. Wesley Groleau.  Then when bureaucrats¹ tried to force me to be William W., I had it legally changed to my preference.  At the time, I was too young and naive to realize that one cannot stop bureacratic harassment.


After ten years of electronics, including teaching, I got into software engineering via a short path through technical writing and software test.  Thirty-plus years of software were fun, but now I am retired and can pursue a greater interest—languages!  Dabbled in many; can read several if not too difficult, and communicate (more or less) in a few.  Some post-graduate linguistics, but not the degree.

And now …Edit

My wife² went to heaven without me.  Our sons are grown and doing well.   Therefore, until time to join her, I’m out and about getting familiar with this world.

¹bureacrat: someone who cuts red tape lengthwise. ²bio link removed since the bots interpret any link as spam