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Reference DictionariesEdit

Karaim language

Shor language


Tuvan (2)



Nogai( 2)





Northern Altai language is Kumandin Kumandin

Southern Altai is Literary Altai (Southern Altai) Or Teleut

,Southern Altai(Literary Altai)

Gagauz (Cyrillic) is Gagauz

Soyot is Code isn't exist ,So write, edit Soyot: - (-) or - (-) Refer to Soyot Dictionary.

Khakas Dialect dictionary: Khakas Dialects

Shor Dictionary: Shor-Russian Dictionary English-Uyghur Dictionary(Latin) is

English-Uyghur language Dictionary

Gagauz Cyrillic dictionary(In soviet or Ukraine ) Gagauz -Russian Dictionary

Also ,Adding Old Turkic language, Refer to link Bitig (Old turkic-Kazakh dictionary. Siberian Tatar , Dukhan language can find word through Turkic elegantlexicon These Dictionaries are On-line or pdf , ,In Korea,can't buy Baskakov's Dictionaries , Russian language Turkic dictionary. Dolgan ,Yakut: Yakut Dolgan Bashkir: Bashkir