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ISO 639 includes 7865 codes; this is a list of those codes which are not present in Wiktionary. Some are intentionally excluded by us or merged by us into other codes, but others are missing by simple oversight, or in some cases because naming conflicts years ago prevented importation.

For a list of codes which the ISO has retired but which Wiktionary still includes, see User:-sche/retired codes. (Items also listed there and in the BP should be struck here.)

For a list of codes which are present in Wiktionary but which should not be, see User:-sche/notlanguages. Also note w:Spurious languages: we currently include and encode some lects which WP thinks may not exist, including Yiddish Sign Language, Parsi 'prp' and Parsi-Dari 'prd'.

See also Wiktionary:Beer parlour/2015/January#Codes_the_ISO_deleted_or_added_in_2014.

uncoded lects fr.Wikt has edit

clear candidates for addition
need more info
  • Anggreso (tribe in Indonesia; but what evidence of it is there of a separate lect?)
  • Chali (with āva as the word for "water"); different from the Chali language ngf?
  • Brunei Dusun and Paper Dusun; compare dtp
  • Gao of Dongkou
  • Long Anap Kenyah
  • Long Dunin Kenyah
  • Long San Kenyah
  • Khiajari
  • Khoznini
  • Lisum
  • Me’phaa of Huehuetepec, of Huitzapula, of Nanzintla, of Teocuitlapa, and of Zapotitlan Tablas
  • Miao of Xiaozhang
  • Miri (???)
  • Murut Nabaay
  • Seminole (?)
  • Nadou
  • Nanga Ira'
  • Nunu of Bama
  • Penan Benalui
  • Sagz-âbâdi (a variety of Tati?)
  • Saynawa
  • Seputan
  • Shang
  • Shinman
  • Tingalan
  • Tongzha
  • Chemehuevi and Southern Paiute (dialects...)
  • Volow language (part of Mwotlap?)
Huron (Wyandotte)
already under discussion
  • Indanga (see RFM)
  • Lazé / Laze (see RFM)
  • Ma Pnaan (see RFM)
  • Mitchiti (see RFM)
  • Plodarisch, and Saurano, and Tischlbongarisch (see WT:T:ADE)


  • Baisha, Baoting, Changjiang, Ha Em, Lauhut, Moyfaw, Yuanmen (Hlai lects in China)
    In Baisha, Baoting, Changjiang, Ha Em, Moyfaw, and Tongzha, "water" is nam³ per Peter Norquest, A phonological reconstruction of Proto-Hlai. In Bouhin and Lauhut, it is nom³, in Jiamao it is naːm¹, in Yuanmen and Zandui it is nam⁶, and in Nadou it is nan³.

missing codes edit

2016 edit

  • [kgd] Kata(a)ng was removed and split into [ncq] Northern Katang and [sct] Southern Katang.
  • szs Solomon Islands Sign Language - Solomon Islands Sign Language
  • npx Noipx - (?)
  • lth Thur - Acholi dialect says "Labwor (Thur), once considered a dialect of Acholi, may not be intelligible with it."
  • wbs West Bengal Sign Language - part of ins?
  • ibh Bih - variety of rad? see Rade language
  • nql Ngendelengo - autonym Olungendelengo - a Herero group (dialect of hz?)
  • xdo Kwandu - split from mho? see Mashi language

G edit

  • gll — Garlali / Kullili - should have a code, though cf notes about ekc

J edit

  • jan — Jandai
  • jbi — Badjiri - possibly not even Karnic; cf my notes about ekc above and on User:-sche/retired codes
  • jbw — Yawijibaya
  • jgk — Gwak
  • jjr — Bankal
  • jog — Jogi
  • jui — Ngadjuri

N edit

  • nmx — I; L; Nama (Papua New Guinea); - Nama (New Guinea) - distinguished from naq "Nama", a dialect of nza "Tigon Mbembe", a Jukunoid language of Cameroon and Nigeria
  • npg — I; L; Ponyo-Gongwang Naga;
  • nqy — I; L; Akyaung Ari Naga;
  • nsf — I; L; Northwestern Nisu;
  • nwg — I; E; Ngayawung;
  • nxk — I; L; Koki Naga;

O edit

  • olk — I; E; Olkol;
  • orc — I; L; Orma;

S edit

  • sfe; — I; L; Eastern Subanen; -
  • sgj; — I; L; Surgujia; - Suraji, Surguja, Surgujia-Chhattisgarhi, Surjugia

T edit

  • tgj ; — I; L; Tagin; -
  • tgz ; — I; E; Tagalaka; -
  • tjl ; — I; L; Tai Laing; -
  • tst ; — I; L; Tondi Songway Kiini; -
other concerns
  • Tobagonian Creole English; — I; L; Tobagonian Creole English; - merge?
    Turks and Caicos Creole English; — I; L; Turks And Caicos Creole English; - merge with other similar Creole Englishes from that area?

Y edit

  • yhs — Yan-nhaŋu Sign Language - signed by 10 people, not that distinct from ygs

Zapotec, Zhuang edit

In each case, we have both the macrolanguage and a lot of dialect codes, which is incoherent.

Also, agi Agaria is spurious according to Glottolog.

Languages to possibly rename or merge edit

Sections with Chins not yet having family info, etc: T, V, W.

Languages to possible rename or merge:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda Creole English Antigua and Barbuda Creole English
  2. Lua error in Module:parameters at line 92: Parameter 1 should be a valid language code; the value "ajt" is not valid. See WT:LOL. Judeo-Tunisian Arabic
  3. Lua error in Module:parameters at line 92: Parameter 1 should be a valid language code; the value "aju" is not valid. See WT:LOL. Judeo-Moroccan Arabic
  4. Guerrero Amuzgo Guerrero Amuzgo
  5. Lua error in Module:parameters at line 92: Parameter 1 should be a valid language code; the value "avl" is not valid. See WT:LOL. Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic
  6. Arua Aruá (Amazonas State)
  7. Aruá Aruá (Rodonia State)
  8. Okpela Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe
  9. Anus Anus
  10. Austral Austral
  1. Remontado Agta Remontado Dumagat
    (is this a distinct language? vide b.g.c. "Sinauna")
  1. Emberá-Baudó Emberá-Baudó
  2. Indonesian Bajau Indonesian Bajau
  3. West Coast Bajau West Coast Bajau
  4. Balkan Gagauz Turkish Balkan Gagauz Turkish
  5. Bohtan Neo-Aramaic Bohtan Neo-Aramaic
  6. Kwanka Vaghat-Ya-Bijim-Legeri
  7. Biao-Jiao Mien Biao-Jiao Mien
  1. Iriga Bicolano Rinconada Bikol
  2. Bura Bura-Pabir
  3. Bafaw Bafaw-Balong
  4. Bu-Nao Bunu Bu-Nao Bunu
  5. Belizean Creole Belize Kriol English
  6. Hainyaxo Bozo Kɛlɛngaxo Bozo
  1. Cutchi-Swahili Cutchi-Swahili
  2. Malaccan Creole Malay Malaccan Creole Malay
  3. Cinda-Regi-Tiyal Cinda-Regi-Tiyal
  4. Rukiga Chiga
  5. Chocangaca Chocangacakha
  6. Chinook Jargon Chinook jargon
  7. Chipewyan Chipewyan
  8. Cakchiquel-Quiché Mixed Language Cakchiquel-Quiché Mixed Language
  9. Central Mnong Central Mnong
  10. Chichonyi-Chidzihana-Chikauma Chonyi-Dzihana-Kauma
  11. Ucayali-Yurúa Ashéninka Ucayali-Yurúa Ashéninka
  12. Ajyíninka Apurucayali Ajyíninka Apurucayali
  13. Cappadocian Greek Cappadocian Greek
  14. Chinese Pidgin English Chinese Pidgin English
  15. Pichis Ashéninka Pichis Ashéninka
  16. South Ucayali Ashéninka South Ucayali Ashéninka
  17. Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao
  18. Cora El Nayar Cora
  19. Seychellois Creole Seselwa Creole French
  20. Knaanic Knaanic
check names
  • Gciriku; — I; L; Diriku;
other concerns
  • Pidgin Delaware — Pidgin Delaware
  • Hindi Dogri — Dogri (individual language)
  • Dogri — Dogri (macrolanguage)
  • Northwestern Dinka — Northwestern Dinka
  • Dixon Reef — Dixon Reef
  • Dar Daju Daju — Dar Daju Daju
  • Dong — Dong
  • Doura — Toura (Papua New Guinea)
  • Fang (Beboid) — Fang (Cameroon)
  • Fang (Bantu) — Fang (Equatorial Guinea)
  • Flinders Island — Flinders Island

2015 edit

gjr, fnb, dtn

special cases (split codes, etc) edit

Gbaya edit

Gbaya is the name of quite a few languages. 'krs', a Gbaya of Sudan, is able to be called "Kresh". But there is also 'gba', the Gbaya family(!), many of the members of which are called Gbaya. See w:Gbaya languages. 'gba' may need to be split.

codes to (possibly) delete edit

  • Template:mbo, Mbo (Cameroon), is part of a dialect cluster with 'bss' – Akoose, 'bqz' – Kaka (Central Mbo), and 'bsi' – Sosi
  • White and Green Hmong could be merged into e.g. "Laotian Hmong". This could either use one of those lects' codes, or have an exceptional code, e.g. hmn-wgn (White+Green/Njua).

existing codes to (possibly) rename edit

  • Indonesian Bajau (bdl) – Sulawesi [Bajaw]
  • West Coast Bajau (bdr) – Sabah West Coast [Bajaw]
  • Mapun (sjm) – Mapun [Bajaw]

langrev functionality edit

If you know a language's code (for example, "en") and you want to find out its canonical name, you can use this:

  • {{#invoke:languages/templates|getByCode|en|getCanonicalName}} (returns "English")

If you know a language's canonical name (for example, "English") and you want to find out its code, use this:

  • {{#invoke:languages/templates|getByCanonicalName|English}} (returns "en")

All of these functions are subst:able (type {{subst:#invoke:...).