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Quenya edit

Alternative spellings edit

  • Alca Isilion

Etymology edit

  • Alca + Isilon. Alca (ray of light), and Isilon a deliberate misspelling of Isilion (of Moons or of the moons) the plural genitive of Isil (a proper name representing the moon).

Pronunciation edit

Noun phrase edit

Alca Isilon

  1. a Wiktionarian and Wikipedian from Sint Oedenrode, North Brabant in the Netherlands.
  2. a ray of light originating from multiple instances of the same moon (e.g. within different realities; real, fictional and theoretical)

Usage notes edit

Can only be used in singular when the first definition is used since it is assumed that there exists only one instance of Alca Isilon within the known world.

Translations edit

External links edit

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