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About MeEdit

My chief interest is in writing. It shows with sheep, e.g. I have a background in Graffiti writing, often mediated through Rap music. My introduction to linguistic studies comes basicly from the talk pages and the fine folks at linguistics.stackexchange. I studied for a while in engineering. This brings with it an interest in meaning, the single written word, metric, the scientific method and probability.

Dangerous half-knowledge is susceptible to theories of conspiracy and the unknown. That's why written evidence is the chief basis for any debate. The spoken word if recorded appropriately should nevertheless be esteemed. Forums are textbased, so the focus is appropriately limited. I use to say that, talking about writing, or writing about talking, is as Frank Zapper said: ... like fishing about architecture.

This applies recursively in the Wiktionary, where action in the mainspace speak louder than words. I use to say that attention-whoring is akin to fishing for compliments.

I mostly refrain from editing articles because it is difficult to meet the high standards, like, my English for example is far from native in production. Also, for the languages that I have any command of, they are covered very well already, and the RfE' s tend to be obscure.

  • I refrain from adding myself to the discussion of the babel-box-categories. I'll note that I chose reading-comprehension on Wikipedia as the yard stick, and that the numbers are entirely relative to my native understanding and discourse.
  • I am very well amazed by long range hypothesis, sorry, but they are not allowed as sources. The critizm in one word: Nostratic; or as some one on the internet once said (Asya Pereltsvaig, for example): garbage in, garbage out. I din't dare myself to judge a verdict on the issue, I can wait Lies! I'm super impatient. I do tolerate the basic premisses because orthogonal to the birtday paradox lay generational collapse, this to an extreem end in PIE-studies where all come from one homozygot, although, even the late stage of indubitably expected versification is too rarely incorporating horizontal transfer. This is where I think the Nostratists and Altaists forgot, as Vazlav Blažek suggested, to prune loanwords from the tree.


0. Start a todo list and learn to type set check marks.

  1. German actually has a lot to do still, sysiphos lässt Grüßen
  2. Move translations from borer ("tool") to drill, disambiguate "tool" and drill bit (w.r.t. Pers. matte "Bohrer" non drel "Bohrmaschine", eg.).
  3. nahho, nama
  4. blęstien=se mir hier nich.
  5. https://en.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=hiccup&diff=prev&oldid=66197761
  6. zayin vel sim. absolutely need to link to the tentative protoforms and related glyphs of the letter
  7. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/User:Jberkel/lists/wanted

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