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Hi, I am Arne from Kiel, Germany. I am male, 40 years old. My main interest are the Scandinavian languages, especially Faroese, though my Danish is much more fluent. However, my mother tongue is German.

At the German Wiktionary, I was building up a comprehensive section about Fareose with a lot of examples and etymology. This took sometimes hours for only one entry. Here, I want to work faster and first create smaller entries, but cover a much bigger vocabulary (1.000 + as the first goal). This has also the advantage, that I don't need seven books on my table, but only one or two. The used books are for now:

  • W. B. Lockwood: An Introduction to Modern Faroese. Tórshavn 1977 (with glossary Faroese-English)
  • Richard Kölbl: Färöisch Wort für Wort. Bielefeld 2004 (with glossary German-Faroese, Faroese-German, à 1000 entries)

Other important works include:

  • Höskuldur Þráinsson, et al.: Faroese - An Overview and Reference Grammar. Tórshavn 2004
  • Johan Winther Poulsen, et al.: Føroysk orðabók. Tórshavn 1998 (dictionary Faroese-Faroese, 65,700 entries)
  • V. U. Hammershaimb, Jakob Jakobsen: Færøsk Antholgi. Copenhagen 1891 (Tórshavn 1991) (2 volumes, including Grammar and dictionary Faroese-Danish, 10,000 entries)

Føroysk orðabók online


While I begun with my work at the English Wiktionary about Faroese, went the Føroysk orðabók (Faroese dictionary) online: Note, that there is no substitution for the letters Á,Í,Ó,Ú,Ý,Ð,Æ,Ø, and you really have to type them (I recommend a change to FO or IS keyboard in your system settings, if you want to work with it).

Unfortunately, they use another URL encoding of those letters, than the Wiki variable {{PAGENAMEE}} put out. Who knows, how to work around, in order to create a template for links from every entry here to the source there?

Example reyðkál. {{PAGENAMEE}} gives


But at the online dictionary, they use


Under this circumstances, I cannot use the PAGENAMEE variable for the link :-( -- Arne List 12:06, 2 April 2007 (UTC)

My favourite work


Here are some entries of the Faroese category, where I mean, they are quite comprehensive and "finished" and hopefully interesting and entertaining: