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Welcome to my user page! You can call me AstroVulpes (English: [ˈæs.troʊˌvɒl.pɛs]; Latin: [ˈas.troːˌwʊɫ.peːs]; etymology: from Ancient Greek ἄστρον (ástron, "celestial body"), and from Latin "vulpēs" ("fox")). I am a native Swedish and Greek speaker, but have a sufficient understanding of English to be able to have a native's comprehension ability. I can also understand French to a relatively decent degree and can somewhat understand Germanic and Romance languages. I can also comprehend rudimentary Irish (Gaelic) and I am in the process of learning the Japanese language.

I have a great interest in astronomy, geography, cartography, linguistics, programming, graphics design, music and possibly more, so these are the fields I will be most active with. Wikipedia and its sister projects are built on a noble cause, to make knowledge widely available and easily accessible for free, through the contribution of anyone who can. There is always more information to add, and information to fix. My goal is to be able to at least some degree contribute to the expansion of this giant project.

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Basic Hanja for educational use

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