आपो॒ हि ष्ठा म॑यो॒भुव॒स्ता न॑ ऊ॒र्जे द॑धातन।
म॒हे रणा॑य॒ चक्ष॑से॥
यो वः॑ शि॒वत॑मो॒ रस॒स्तस्य॑ भाजयते॒ह नः॑।
उ॒श॒तीरि॑व मा॒तरः॑॥
तस्मा॒ अरं॑ गमाम वो॒ यस्य॒ क्षया॑य॒ जिन्व॑थ।
आपो॑ ज॒नय॑था च नः॥
  - Rigveda

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Sanskrit, Proto-Indo-Iranian, Proto-Indo-European, Dardic, Kannada, Konkani.

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अपना परिचयEdit

  • Bhagadatta (Sanskrit: भगदत्त) means "given by God".
  • My name is Madhav Pandit.
  • I'm interested in etymology and am working towards improving the etymological information provided at Wiktionary.
  • I'm chiefly interested in Sanskrit, Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto-Indo-European.

Wiki workEdit

  • I have been a registered user at Wiktionary since May 8, 2017. I was made autopatroller on June 1, 2017. Before registering, I edited anonymously, with my earliest edit being made in October 2016 (My first ever Wiktionary edit was a rather poorly formatted attempt at documenting the Indo-European origin of the Sanskrit term नाश (nāśa), made at 11:32 AM on October 7, 2016. I created my first ever Wiktionary entry, titled "उग्र (ugra)" at 7:22 AM on January 5, 2017).
  • My username was माधवपंडित (my name in the Devanagari script) from May 8, 2017 to June 19, 2018. On June 19, 2018, it was changed to Bhagadatta. The magnitude of my wiki work as माधवपंडित dwarfs my contribution as Bhagadatta.
  • The languages I work with are displayed in the box above.
  • Over 95% of my work at wiki are at English Wiktionary.

Other wikisEdit

Here are the other wikis I've contributed to:

  • Hindi Wiktionary: [1]
  • Kannada Wiktionary: [2]
  • Spanish Wiktionary: [3]
  • English Wikipedia: [4]
  • Hindi Wikipedia: [5]
  • Kannada Wikipedia: [6]

Languages I know and scripts I can readEdit

  • I am proficient in English and Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu).
    • I love British English and wish to learn it someday.
    • I speak Standard Hindi and the Deccani dialect (specifically, the Goan variety of the Deccani dialect of Hindustani).
  • I also speak fluent Konkani and have a fair understanding of Marathi though my spoken Marathi is quite rusty.
  • I also speak Kannada. I can comprehend all dialects but am most comfortable in:
    • Havigannada
    • Kundagannada
    • Bangalore Kannada
  • I took French in 8th grade & learnt it for 3 years but my knowledge of spoken French is very, very basic and very, very limited.


  • Excepting the Latin script and the Devanagari script, all scripts I can read were taught to me by myself.
    • I am most comfortable in the Latin alphabet and I can read and write the Devanagri script quite easily as well.
    • While looking at the transliterations on the internet, specifically on google translate and wiktionary, I taught myself to read the Cyrillic, Kannada, Arabic and Greek scripts.

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