yátra kā́mā nikāmā́śca yátra bradhnásya viṣṭápam; svadhā́ ca yátra tṛ́ptiśca tátra mā́mamṛ́tam kṛdhi

"Make me immortal in that realm of eager wish and strong desire, in the region of the radiant Moon, where food and full delight are found."
— Ṛgveda
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  • Pulimaiyi is from Old Kannada puli (tiger) and may (body). Literally, "tiger-bodied".
  • My name is Madhav Pandit.
  • I'm an admin here and I work mainly in Sanskrit, Middle Indo-Aryan, Konkani, Kannada and Proto-Indo-Iranian.

Wiki work

  • My contributions and some cool stats.
  • The languages I work with are displayed in the box above.
  • An overwhelming majority of my work at wiki are at English Wiktionary; the following are my contributions to other wikis:
    • Hindi Wiktionary: [1]
    • Kannada Wiktionary: [2]
    • Spanish Wiktionary: [3]
    • English Wikipedia: [4]
    • Hindi Wikipedia: [5]
    • Kannada Wikipedia: [6]

Languages and scripts



  • I am proficient in English and Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu).
    • I speak Standard Hindi and the Deccani dialect (specifically, the Goan variety of the Deccani dialect of Hindustani).
  • I was born to Karnatakan parents who moved to the neighbouring state of Goa before I was born. Consequently, I grew up speaking Kannada at home and Konkani everywhere else. I can comprehend all dialects of Kannada but am most comfortable in:
    • Havigannada
    • Kundagannada
    • Bangalore Kannada
  • Konkani is my second mother tongue and I can understand and speak Marathi too though not as fluently as Konkani.
  • I took French in 8th grade & learnt it for 3 years but my knowledge of spoken French is very, very basic and very, very limited.



Growing up in Goa meant that I would not be educated in Kannada, so I had to teach myself the Kannada script in my teenage years. Excepting the Latin and the Devanagari scripts, all scripts I can read were taught to me by myself.

    • I am most comfortable in the Latin alphabet and I can read and write the Devanagri script quite easily as well.
    • While dealing with the transliterations on the internet, specifically on wiktionary, I taught myself to read the Cyrillic, Arabic and Greek scripts.


  • 7 October, 2016: My first ever Wiktionary edit; made as an IP, it gave the etymology for Sanskrit नाश (nāśa).
  • 5 January, 2017: My first ever Wiktionary entry: Sanskrit उग्र (ugra).
  • 8 May, 2017: After months of editing as an anonymous IP, I registered an account. My username was माधवपंडित.
  • 2 June, 2017: I was made an autopatroller.
  • 19 June, 2018: After editing for more than a year as माधवपंडित, I changed my moniker to Bhagadatta; the account was the same, the username changed.
  • 26 January, 2021: I was made an administrator.
  • 27 May, 2023: After almost five years as Bhagadatta, I changed my username yet again to Pulimaiyi. As before, the account was the same, only the moniker changed.

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