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This work is only half mine. I do NOT own the background, it's screenshot from Benjamin Bagby's "Beowulf" (may it be the last time I write this word on my page with w!) So all the rights of the background belong to their respective owners. This beautiful picture (actually, footage) of the sea was in the beginning of the perfomance, and then came "BEOǷULF" and you can easily guess ""how"" it was written. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting this picture.So I typed to the word with Ƿynn and put on the background, to make it feel lika it actually was like that in the video. if only it was like that there :( Since I created this account I wanted to upload it here. Once again, I do not own the background.
It's my photo, it was made at 23 January this year. I love winter and snow and espesially fir trees with snow on the branches. So I decided to upload it