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I am editing Wiktionary because I desire to make it more semantic and reusable. I wish to have every entry marked up with the proper templates and to have templates that are meaningful and have a simple, unambiguous and well documented interface. I have a program written in Python that goes through all pages in a dump or selected pages online and finds invalid use of templates, producing a list of pages that need to be fixed. I have published a list of German entries to fix.

I have a project using data from Wiktionary for language learning. I am currently using it for studying German. It is essential for me that Wiktionary has a set of templates that is small and simple enough to allow an alternative implementation of each template to be made, for other projects that do not present the data the same way as the original templates.

Swedish edit

Swedish Wikipedia has an article on:
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Etymology edit

From choklad +‎ kaka.

Noun edit

chokladkaka c

  1. bar of chocolate
  2. chocolate cake