Hi I'm relatively new to editing Wikipedia pages and I'm not very good at it yet, as a linguistics major some of my edits seem to be adding IPA transcriptions to pages, especially for Punjabi since I have a pretty good grasp of Punjabi phonology though I'm not fluent and I know the standard transcription methods. Mostly though I just fix little errors I notice. Though recently I've been making pages for Punjabi words that don't have them yet, adding corresponding Gurmukhi/Shahmukhi pages when there's only one and adding declensions for nouns and adjectives that don't currently have them. I've also been doing stuff on Iroquoian languages wiktionary like creating pages for Proto Iroquoian and Proto North-Iroquoian and adding corresponding etymologies. I'm also learning Kanien'keha and want to get my prof's help to write the text for Kanien'keha Babel boxes.

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