User:Daniel Carrero/Stuff I've done

Some stuff I remember I did around here. My 1st edit[1] was in 2006 (I was 16 then.) though my 2nd edit was 2 years later, that's when I started being active on the community.

WT pages


WT pages that I either created, or where I did major changes.



Templates I created. Most of those were converted to Lua later. I took no part in converting them to Lua, I created all the templates using MW syntax.

Appendices created


Appendices/other pages organized


Categories created/cleaned up

  • I remember spending a lot time cleaning up categories named as "Category:(language) (thing)s" such as Category:English nouns to have a more logical system in my opinion. The comments below apply to all languages:
  • I remember removing all the "Category:English nouns", etc. categories outside the main "Category:English language" into a separate "Category:English parts of speech" (now "Category:English lemmas").
  • I remember renaming some forms categories to fit the system of "Category:English adjective comparative forms" rather than "Category:English comparatives" or whatever. Also: "Category:English uncomparable adjectives" rather than "Category:English adjectives without (foobar) forms" or something.
  • I remember also moving some categories like "Category:English adjective comparative forms" out of "Category:English adjectives", into a middle category "Category:English adjective forms".
  • I usually moved all I could out of the top-level language category like Category:English language to other categories. Fun fact: Top-level language categories used to be filled with words like the current Category:English lemmas, especially for minor languages with few words defined on the dictionary.
  • I believe I created the system of categories specifically named like: Category:English terms spelled with Œ, Category:English terms spelled with 1, Category:English terms spelled with É, etc. and others back in 2009. I deleted some categories using different naming systems like Category:English terms spelled with an o with a stroke and Category:English terms spelled with ligatures.
  • I remember working towards moving some lexical categories from the format of "xx:Foo" into "Language foos". I deleted Category:mul:Punctuation and created Category:Translingual punctuation marks back in 2011, there are probably others.
  • I never did much work on cleaning up/organizing categories named as "xx:Foobar", except for the cases where they were moved to "Language foobars".
  • I created some categories for Brazil like Category:pt:Municipalities in Minas Gerais, Brazil.