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Autistic student from Sweden, arguably more proficient in English than Swedish, studying Hebrew with a deep love for the language and its history. I use Wiktionary multiple times a day for my studies and so I notice the little errors, and one day I found one so fascinating and strange I had to make an account to fix it, and, well, now that I have an account, I might as well use it to help out when I spot others.



Everyone's autism is different, but mine is relevant to this project in three main ways:

Logic and Structure


I'm very good at understanding and remembering systems and logic, and to notice when something deviates. This helps me learn the patterns within Hebrew grammar and Wiktionary's organizational structure and clearly defined rules, and to spot any inconsistencies. (Note that I'm still learning)

Patience and Detail


I tend to be very detail-oriented and have great patience for monotonous tasks involving them. This can help me do many minor corrections and additions when I find the time. Spending half a day doing nothing but add nikud and transliterations or creating entries for non-lemmas that redirect to lemmas sounds tempting.

Subjective Expectations


I sometimes struggle to understand unwritten or vaguely defined rules and expectations. This can cause problems judging where a line should be drawn following a more subjectively defined rule or guideline. I apologize if I make make a mistake and will try to learn from it. Clear instructions or explanation of what I did wrong would help.

One example of struggle is the relevance and length of this page. I've tried to be brief and only mention information that is relevant to what I can contribute and that provides context for my actions, but I'm unsure if this is too long, too formal, too informal, too detailed, too personal, too soon after account creation, or if I'm just overthinking.