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Having used Wiktionary as one of my primary resources for language learning for a few years, I decided on 2020-08-02 that it was time to register an account and give back to the community.

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en This user is a native speaker of English.
jam Dis ya (oo)man a chat Patwa from 'im bawn.
ro-3 Acest utilizator poate contribui cu un nivel avansat de română.
es-3 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel avanzado de español.
nl-2 Deze gebruiker heeft middelmatige kennis van het Nederlands.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau moyen en français.
ru-2 Этот участник хорошо знает русский язык.
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello semplice di italiano.
el-1 Αυτός ο χρήστης μπορεί να συνεισφέρει σε βασικού επιπέδου Ελληνικά.
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  • Lived in: Jamaica and the USA.
  • Currently in: Germany.
  • Identity: Wiktionarian of Colour -- Black, middle-aged, male, liberal, married (multiracial family)


  • Studied: Computer Engineering, Computer Science
  • Language abilities: In my Babel box, I've ranked my language abilities according to my listening ability (possibly the best measure of how well you know a language). Languages whose grammar I'm still formally in the process of learning have all been given a "1" ranking even if I can understand them based on other languages I know from the same language family. I understand all the languages listed in written form (some, with the aid of a dictionary, of course).

Interests (language-related)Edit


Human languagesEdit

I decided on 2020-10-13 to concentrate my efforts on Jamaican Creole. I might occasionally contribute to other languages.



Personal projectsEdit


  • Remove #ifexist test in prekeh once Commons renames the audio file.
    • (file)
    • Prekeh_(Jamaican_Creole,_Patwa).ogg still exists.

Create a comprehensive interwiki Jamaican Creole (JC) resourceEdit

Quick links to Patwa activity across WiktionariesEdit


  • To help other Patwa / JC speakers to reduce interference between JC and standard English by providing numerous examples of JC sentences translated into standard English.
  • To provide a reference which will allow for comparison between JC and standard English pronunciation.
  • To make Wiktionary the best resource on JC.
  • To promote the beautiful island of Jamaica.


Approach: Create an entry in Wikiwörterbuch first (the most demanding version) based on an entry here and then use that as a basis for entries in other Wiktionaries.
  • improve the JC templates and modules:
  > modules: Module:R:jam:Allsopp Module:R:jam:Jamaicans
  > references: R:jam:Allsopp Template:R:jam:Jamaicans
  > templates: Template:jam-adj | Template:jam-adv | Template:jam-con | Template:jam-det | Template:jam-interj | Template:jam-noun | Template:jam-noun_form | Template:jam-num | Template:jam-part | Template:jam-participle | Template:jam-phrase | Template:jam-postp | Template:jam-pp | Template:jam-prep | Template:jam-pron | Template:jam-proper_noun | Template:jam-proverb | Template:jam-verb

Next word for the non-English WiktionariesEdit

Useful snippetsEdit

  • Jamaican Creole patterns
  • Change the first language code to en and use |termlang=jam if the quotation isn't Jamaican Creole but defines a JC term.
#* {{quote-book|jam
|passage=“ {{...}}”
|translation= {{...}}
#* {{quote-journal|jam
|text=“ {{...}}”
|translation= {{...}}