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Weird words

Here are some weird English words from the official Scrabble word list (which is based on the Collins Dictionary) — weirdness here being measured in unique n-graphs (sequences of n consecutive letters).

I hope to write original definitions for some red links and remove blue ones that have English definitions. Feel free to help.

accoyld afawld affyde agryzing albee alloiostrophos amarna anadyomene antwackie apgar appuied appuyed appuying aruhe ascaunt ashraf atoks attaskt avyzing awato awmry aygre baguios bajris batteilant bembixes benjes bethesdas beuncled bhat billyohs blaize bockedy bohs bowrs boygs brachyaxes breakback breiing broadbrush byding byking bylive byrlakin byrled byrls caaed caaing cancrizans cansos carnying casky chamoix chefed chefing chiao chloroargyrite chynd clodly clying colloquying colobid coomceiled crowsfeet crowsfoot cuifs curny daeing dasypaedal daubry dawbry deasiuls deaws deawy deckoing deely dekeing dekkoed desoeuvre dexy dicycly diebs dinnling distinguee dixy doby dowlney dropfly duckfoot easselward embayld emmys endodyne ennuyee euryoky evhoe evoe evohe ewftes ewked ewking ewks excerptum exuls faaing fegs fehs feying fiky flamms flirs floatcut fodgel foen fohs foolbegged forfeuchen forfochen forhooieing forjeskit forswonck fouer foveiform fyking galyacs gawcy gawsy gedeckts geyan gjus glaceed glaceing goary golps gongyos gonyses goujeers goxes grannieing griesy grimlooked grisgris grufted gryesy guvs gynnies gynny haafs halfseriously havdolohs heryed hewgh highblooded hinahina hoaed hoaing hoha hohed homologumena houhere hupiro hwyls hyperlydian hypoaeolian hypoed imshy indolebutyric introfying isoetes jagaed jaxy jiminy jirre jokol jowed jowing judy kaeing kaes kaies kantikoyed kantikoying karuhiruhi kasme kawau kelyphitic kenafs kernmantel kidglove kirby kletterschuhe kokiri kokobeh konning korowai kumbaloi kumikumi lehrjahre lewdsbies lewdsby lezes lifull looves loslyfs loued lowsit luppen luzzes lyms mahewus makutuing malwas mashgihim matlos mawbound mawger mawing meawes metavanadic meuniere mifty mihied mihiing mips mixobarbaric moryah motey mouvemente mudejares mumms murkly mycs myxos nanua naythles noahs nowty nuraghic nyed ockodols ogmic omovs opgefok orestunck orihou orthopaedy orthotungstic orthovanadic oughlying overscutched palaeethnology panomphaean papauma pashms paty paysd peeoys pemphixes perfay perissosyllabic perjinkity phytoflagellate pilniewinks pinnoed pioted pioys piroghi plouky pneumodynamics polynyi polyphloesboean pompeying poogyes prajnas prancks proyns purpy pyeing quyting rabbitohs ramgunshoch reaedifyed reaedifyes rectirostral rehs rhies rightos roarming roneoed roneoing rowmes rozeting rubbidy ruggelach runflat ryfe ryking rymming sadzas saltoed sanghs sayne scapigerous sceptry schappeing schmalzes scoleces scryde sculduddries sculduddry seawife seawives seewing sekts shantihs siamezing simioid sinhs sirihs skeos skivy skrying skyfed skyfing skyting slairgs sleepry slubbs snafued snafuing snipy solgel soojeys souct sowming sowms sowssing soyuzes spags spayds speugs spifs spoylefull sprucy spulyed spulyeing sris steepeup stenoky stolenwise stylostixis styting subfluid sumy surquedy swamy sweyed sweying syed syeing sylviine synoicous tadvance talcked tanhs tecs thegnly tikiing toazing toeiest tolarji tonka torqueses toytown transfard treifa trioxoboric troely trueman tuktus tuptowing twafald typps unbeen unhouzzled unnaneld unpinkt upgoes upgone uphudden upryst upsy upwent vanmen vawntie vawtes vehmique veily verdelhos veronique vibs villagioes viold visieing vizying waacs wadts webfed wedelning wedelns weyard weyward whaizling wheezling whenuas williams withhault wofs wormflies wormfly wuds wuses yeving yibbles yiking yitten yuky zoeform