Hi, I live in Mexico, I am a hispanophone and I have self-imposed rules.
Here are some of them:

  • To improve English(my first second language) everyday through [duolingo]. Although I have been studying it all my life and I have advanced knowledge on it I want to improve it.
  • To learn the pronunciation of every new word I learn on duolingo. To make this I always check the wiktionary for its IPA pronunciation and later I add that pronunciation to the program [anki] to learn it.
  • To always learn the Standard version of a language. For example in the case of English I chose the United States English, in other words I chose General American.
  • To add the General American pronunciation to the words. Like for example “tea”: if the Wiktionary says it is pronounced: /tiː/ and there lacks the GA pronunciation then I add it, which is /ti/. I do it because it is the most correct, although General American and Received Pronunciation are two dialects of the same language they are phonemically different (/iː/ in RP vs /i/ in GA).
    • Note: If in the entry it is not specified if it is General American or Received Pronunciation, I won't do any changes.
  • To study Esperanto, Portuguese and Russian every day.
  • And to study the rest of my chosen languages, only one per day.

Here is why I study a lot of languages: I used to play [mope.io] but I realised that played in excess can rot your mind. So I decided to change that bad hobby for a better hobby, I mean [duolingo](I do recommend this page, it can help you to learn another language for free), so at the same time I can keep my mind active I can take advantage of the bright side of mope.io, which is that there you can chat with people that speak other languages.
So I spend most of my time on anki and duolingo because for me mope.io is a double-edged sword, it is my main reason to study a lot of languages, but it is also a waste of time, which must be played with moderation.
I am not a big fan of Anglish(English with 100% Germanic vocabulary), to me it is an incorrect and a corrupt version of English, true English do is romanized. But if it becomes the standard English dialect, I will accept it and study it.

One day I had the idea of studying almost all languages on Duolingo, and I did it. But I stop it after 6 months, because that were a mentally exhausting experience, by lost of motivation, etc.
So I ended up choosing these languages, for the following reasons:

  • English: Because it is my main goal to improve it. But I don't like to study it from my native language. So my way to improve it is to study the other languages from English.
  • Priority languages: ru, eo and pt: I study them everyday.
  • The most spoken languages on mope.io, ordered from most spoken to less spoken: tr, zh, vi, th, pl, cs, jp, ko, id, ar, uk, ro, fr and hu.
  • And languages that have picked my interest:
    • German: To know more about history involving Hitler, The WW2, Germany, etc.
    • Italian: Because it has a great culinary influence in the world.
    • Greek: Because it had and has a big influence on English.
    • Hebrew: To some day read the bible, which was originally written in Hebrew.
    • Hindi: Supposedly it is spoken in mope. And it is also useful to watch Indian TV shows.

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