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Hi, I'm GabeMoore. I probably shouldn't have used my real-life name for Wiktionary, but, oh well.

I'm currently an English philology student at University of Vilnius, and I've always been fascinated with historical linguistics research. I've taught myself pretty good German, took five years of Latin in high school, as well as superficially studied around a dozen languages.

I joined Wiktionary in my senior year of high school, initially to help clean up some of the Germanic etymologies that weren't cross-checked with other etymology pages. However, I've since made it my goal to upload all of the notable entries in Douglas Q. Adams' A Dictionary of Tocharian B: Revised and Greatly Enlarged onto Wiktionary, seeing as I'm fascinated with the Tocharians and want this information to be more widely available, readable, and accessible online for others. I also put Altaic etymologies out of their misery where I encounter them in my travels.

If I did something wrong in my formatting, please feel free to tell me what I did wrong on my talk page, as others have.