Whtevi edit

Etymology edit

From Old Whtevi irwnh /jr̩(ɨ)wŋ/, variant of irbn /jr̩(ɨ)vʷɲ/, from Late Awen *irbn, free radical of *-rbn (gen. marker), from Proto-Awen *-rebn, from Proto-Lyndian *-reþ (gen. marker). Cognates include Modern Basque -ren.

Pronunciation edit

  • (standard) IPA(key): /r̩ɤu̯/
  • (Cinkeihldi) IPA(key): /r̩ʊu̯/

Preposition edit


  1. of, the genitive marker.

Usage notes edit

  • The preposition generates an adjective phrase, with the object of the preposition the possessor noun, modifying the noun possessed. In other words, "A rhu B" is equivalent to English "A of B". Like all prepositions, it can be converted (i.e. arguments swapped) with the particle (deprecated template usage) mhaq. So, "B mhaq-rhu A" is equivalent to English "A of B" or more roughly "B's A" (e.g. "Bruce's car").