Whtevi edit

Etymology edit

From Old Whtevi uan, from Awen *wanə, from Proto-Lyndian *ɦʷanV (one, certain), possibly from an Anatolian language or from Tose in the form *h₃eyh₁nos, possibly from metathesis of Proto-Indo-European *h₁oyh₁nos. Cognates include Modern Basque bat, ban- (< Proto-Vasconic *bade, *badV).

Pronunciation edit

  • (standard) IPA(key): /ɤu̯ɒɚˑ/
  • (Cinkeihldi) IPA(key): /ʊu̯ɔɚˑ/

Basque cardinal numbers
 <  0 1 2  > 
    Cardinal : uol
    Ordinal : uonchyr

Numeral edit


  1. (cardinal) one