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Who I Am edit

Hi all, I'm dEhiN. My online moniker used to be jclu, hence my Wiki username, but now I go by dEhiN (pronounced 'day' + 'hin'as in "hinder"). I work in the IT field, currently as IT support at a help desk. My main interests are computers, programming, technology and languages. I used to be a private English tutor.

My Activity on Wiktionary edit

I'm not terribly active on here in terms of adding to, maintaining, creating, or editing pages. However, I do make edits from time to time when I both have time and can clearly see some information on a page is incorrect. I have also created a page or two.

Specifically, on here, I've made edits to incorrect translations, added examples, filled out information (such as translations of a word), and created new pages where none existed. The last action I have only done when I was on a page and saw a broken link, but I knew I could create the linked page. I have done these mostly on French Wiktionary, Spanish Wiktionary, Albanian Wiktionary, Tamil Wiktionary and possible a few other languages.

My qualifications edit

Although as you can see from my Babel table that I'm not fluent or even advanced in a whole bunch of languages, the changes I've made or added to Wiktionary sites have been ones I was certain of. As part of my own language learning process, I've developed the ability to look up various websites and synthesize information about vocabulary, grammar, syntax, etc. of a particular language. This ability is what I've used for any changes I've made to Wiktionary sites. I am and have been careful to make sure I'm one hundred percent confident in the information I've added or changed. Any time I was ever not one hundred percent, I either confirmed the information with outside websites, or not made the change.