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Well, as my name states, my name is Jordan Seymore. I'm from south Georgia, U.S.A. There isn't much interesting about me, really. I enjoy writing in my spare time, although I don't usually finish projects that I start. I've been working on a particular book for a while now called "Red Haze". It feels as though I've been working on it for years, although I have not. Aside from writing I also enjoy studying the effects, properties, and general characteristics of psychoactive substances. Some fine examples are below. Besides those things, I also enjoy the study of Sino-Tibetan languages, as well as others. Since I've gotten on the study of linguistics, I suppose I might as well throw this out there, I am currently learning Esperanto, Mandarin, and Japanese (I'm going to try to learn Thai eventually). It is going to be a long 88 weeks.


The above examples, from left to right, are dimethyltryptamine, lysergic acid diethylamide, psilocybin, Serotonin.



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