Words I would add if polocy allowed it edit

eldlogation edit

  1. an old word reintroduced in a non-archaic context
  2. the process of reintroducing such words

It combines roots from the 3 main sources of english roots.

This is the only one that I actually added.

Transuttericktion edit

  1. the process of changing the spelling of a word to reflect the same pronunciation in the same alphabet but a different way of pronouncing the same letters(for example, vii in the classical latin utterance becomes wee in the modern english utterance through transuttericktion)
  2. a spelling made through that process

This also uses greek, latin, and english roots.

The verb is transuttericktionize for british people and transuttericktionise for americans.

Babell Box edit

en This user is a native speaker of English.

enm-3 Þis usere can Englisch wel

ang-1 Þes nēotend cann hine seolf mid grundlicgendre mǣþe Englisces ferian.

sco-2 This uiser can contreibute wi a middlin level o Scots.