Hello! I am a user of Wiktionary who is mainly occupied with the Bulgarian project, but may also contribute to other-language projects. However, I can't competently contribute to entries of languages not found in the Babel grid below. :) If there is anything you would like to ask me about, feel free to edit this page. I own a bot (user page), for which I may find a purpose in the future, but currently do not intend to utilise.

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User:Kiril kovachev/BGwordlist (page 1) (8 pages total), ~120k words
User:Kiril kovachev/Japanese jōyō kanji without compounds sections


(note to self about Bulgarian infinitive—now dialect/obsolete, but relayed to me by a dialect speaker)

Old first conjugation verbs(неса, веда, река, etc.): impossible
Old second conjugation verbs(свикна, цъкна, дигна, тръгна, стисна, etc.): almost the same as the 1 p.sg. but you stress the final syllable which is actually pronounced like an ъ. свикнъ̀, цъкнъ̀, дигнъ̀, etc.
Old third conjugation verbs(зная, пиша, пея, отварям, всичко на -вам, etc.):  зна̀, писа̀, пя̀, отваря̀, използва̀, etc.
Old fourth conjugation verbs(моля, видя, ходя, браня, etc.): молѝ, видѝ, ходѝ, бранѝ 

oh and to explain the old conjugations:
1. ends with -a in the 1st person singular which follows a hard consonant [part of the new first conjugation]
2. you can always spot these as they always have a -н- near the end [part of the new first conjugation]
3. either end in -ам/-ям(обичам) in the first person singular or -я that follows a vowel(зная) [new third conjugation]
4. ends with -я, following a hard consonant. [new second conjugation]

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