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I'm a linguistic enthusiast, i love every kinds of languages, no matter what, if it's modern or ancient, at the moment, the most ancient language i know is Latin, but i plan to learn Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew one day.

Not only that, but i'm also learning multiple languages continuously, with that i mean i'm focused on one language per each branch i am studying, for example, i am focused on Dutch in the Germanic branch, Italian in the Romance branch, Russian in the Slavic branch, and i'm focused on Japanese, which is out of the Indo-European languages.


  • Learn Modern Greek (i only know how to read it)
  • Learn Modern Hebrew
  • Learn Arabic
  • Learn Swedish
  • Learn Norwegian
  • Learn Icelandic
  • Learn Chinese
  • Learn Ancient Greek and Ancient Hebrew (after i learn Modern Hebrew)

Bonus Plans:

  • Learn how to read the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) completely

Fun fact about my username: The reason why i choosed "MIDI Plays" is because i'm not only a language enthusiast, i also love music, and i love that MIDI music style, it makes me remember of the 90's games